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Abortionists won’t tell women the truth about their life-affirming options, the development of the preborn child, or the risks involved in abortions.  That’s why Texas MUST keep this information in the A Woman’s Right to Know booklet given to women 24 hours before their abortions.

The Texas Department of State Health Services recently made strong Pro-Life changes to the booklet for the first time in 13 years and asked Texans for feedback.  However, Pro-Lifers are being dramatically outnumbered by the opposition!

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We need YOU to send a message now to Texas health officials supporting the life-affirming update!

Your message will only take 60 seconds to send, but the impact will reach women in the crucial 24-hour period before their life-or-death decisions.

Tell the Texas Department of State Health Services that women deserve to know that no one can force them to abort their children; that there’s a risk of developing breast cancer because of their abortions; and that they have life-affirming options.

We’re losing time.  The comment period ends today, July 29!

Send your message today and spread the word to your friends and family!

Thank you for updating and correcting the Woman’s Right to Know Booklet!  This document is an important resource for women facing the life-altering decision of aborting their preborn children.  The State of Texas has an obligation to provide a woman with accurate and vitally important information about her pregnancy, the development of her preborn child, and the options available to her if she chooses to continue her pregnancy.

I appreciate the substantial and positive updates and improvements made to the booklet draft from the previous version.  Opponents will attack the statements about the correlation between abortion and higher risk of breast cancer, the use of the term “baby” instead of “fetus,” and the detailed summary of preborn children’s development.  However, I STRONGLY SUPPORT all of these aspects of the booklet.

I would like to request some additional updates before these changes become final.

1) Add clear and prominent language that no one can legally force her to abort and how she may receive help if being physically harmed or threatened;

2) Add references to studies finding a likely correlation between abortion and higher risk of breast cancer;

3) Update the Resource Directory that goes along with the booklet to include pregnancy centers, maternity homes, adoption agencies, and social services that have opened recently.

Thank you for considering these comments and for passing these much needed improvements.



Submission Deadline of July 29th, 5 P.M. CST Reached.

Thank you for your efforts to support Life!

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