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Dr. Joseph Graham Fellow to Walk Cross-Country for Life


There is no denying that Texas Right to Life’s Dr. Joseph Graham Fellows are extraordinary college students.  Each of our Fellows completes at least 50 hours of Pro-Life outreach on and around their college campus each semester and many even sacrifice their summer vacations by interning for Pro-Life organizations or volunteering for pregnancy resource centers.  This summer, however, one Fellow is aiding the Pro-Life movement in a unique way.

Sharae Flores, Texas Tech University sophomore and second-year Fellow, is preparing to walk from Seattle to Washington D.C. with Crossroads, a Pro-Life ministry  which promotes a Culture of Life by speaking to churches about the Pro-Life mission and peacefully praying and sidewalk counseling outside abortion mills.  Young adults from across America volunteer to walk with Crossroads every summer, promoting the dignity of the human person on the organization’s three cross-country walks and one Canadian walk, and this year, Sharae will be among them.

Directly following her week-long Fellowship training in May, Sharae will fly to Seattle to begin her nation-crossing journey.  Sharae and her team will walk four to six miles every day across the northern region of the United States, while other participants will walk from San Francisco and Los Angeles with all three routes meeting in Washington D.C. for a Pro-Life rally after their three–month, multi-state trip.  The Canadian walk is concurrent with the American walks, but begins in Vancouver and ends in Ottowa.

Sharae first learned about Crossroads from two of her friends who participated in the walk last summer and encouraged her to apply.

“Throughout all of my Pro-Life activities, this was something so different,” Sharae said.  “I wanted to participate in Crossroads because I knew I would gain a more ‘hands on’ experience that would make me a stronger Pro-Life advocate and also help me grow in my faith.”

As a native of Carlsbad, N.M., the furthest north Sharae has traveled is Albuquerque, N.M., though seeing more of the country is one of the things she is most looking forward to, especially Chicago and New York.

Reflecting on her growing Pro-Life convictions that have led her to joining Crossroads, Sharae credits her involvement with Texas Right to Life as a Dr. Joseph Graham Fellow and being an officer of Raiders Defending Life at Texas Tech with preparing her for this new adventure.

“If not for Raiders Defending Life and Texas Right to Life, I’m not sure if I would have ever taken the chance and joined Crossroads,” Sharae said, “I believe that God allowed me to have these wonderful experiences and led me to this point in my Pro-Life journey.  I truly have Texas Right to Life and Raiders Defending Life to thank for this new adventure.”

Sharae has a GoFundMe page where she is seeking donations to support her three-month Pro-Life walk.  If you would like to financially support her journey, please click here.

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