Contact Houston Methodist now to demand justice for Chris Dunn

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Chris Dunn was every Texan.  He was a 46-year-old son, brother, and friend who became ill.  Any one of us could become sick and hospitalized as Chris was.  Unfortunately, under an unjust Texas law, Houston Methodist Hospital could deny Chris life-sustaining care.

Even though he pleaded for his life, a state law allows the removal of life-sustaining treatment from patients like Chris.  As Chris’s mother, Evelyn, stood by his side and fought for him, Houston Methodist tried to seize her right to make medical decisions for her son.

On December 23, 2015, Chris Dunn passed away.  He was a victim of an unjust law.  In order to protect the Right to Life of every Texan, we all must stand against this law.  Contact Houston Methodist CEO Marc Boom to demand that the hospital stand against the law and stand for Life.


  1. Marilyn Daniel on

    Tried to sign the petition to go to Methodist Hospital and it says “404 Error”. Is there an issue with the site?

  2. Charlene Vance on

    I also wanted to sign the petition, but when I sent a message to Methodist Hospital, the opportunity to sign the petition was no longer available. Can you help me?

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