Every second counts

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You have brought the Pro-Life movement this far with your prayers and support.  Now preborn Texans and vulnerable hospital patients need you more than ever.

For less than the cost of your favorite coffee ($4 a day), you can save lives. 

We are entering the 2019 legislative session and lives are at stake.

Your ultimate goal and mine is to overturn Roe v. Wade.

The path to ending abortion begins in our state (where Roe started) this legislative session.  Democrats and the anti-Life lobby will spend countless hours trying to cut backroom deals to attack pregnancy centers, preserve Planned Parenthood funding, and maintain the status quo of Roe.

At the same time we play defense against the well-funded anti-Life lobby, we also must advance priority Pro-Life bills that save lives and dismantle Roe.

This battle in the Capitol for all five months of the 2019 legislative session requires $500,000.  For the cost of a month’s worth of daily coffee ($120), you can represent Life in our statehouse for one hour this session.  How many hours can you contribute?

Will you bring light to the darkness in our Capitol?  The priority bills you support this session will undo Roe step by step.

We know this strategy works.  And the abortion mob knows, too.  That’s why they are aggressively opposed to your life-saving legislative work.

No one among us could advance the Pro-Life cause alone, but together we have come so far, and, together, we can continue to advance the protection of each and every Texan.


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