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Did the Big Bang Theory just admit that preborn babies are human? For once Hollywood tells the truth about Life


Popular TV shows all too often cow down to anti-Life forces in Hollywood.  Shows like “Scandal” and “Girls” have shown shocking scenes attempting to spread the lie that abortion is no big deal.

“The Big Bang Theory” continues to surprise audiences with a series of Pro-Life messages in recent shows involving a pregnant character.  The latest instance of acknowledging preborn Life came with a humorous debate between characters Sheldon and Bernadette.  A pregnant Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) visits friends Amy (Mayim Bialik) and Sheldon (Jim Parsons).  Amy and Sheldon tell Bernadette about an experiment underway in which they are attempting to turn their skin cells into brain cells.

Sheldon begins attributing human characteristics to the experiment, stating, “Yeah, this little guy can already recognize electronically transmitted images 20% faster than any other sample in Amy’s lab.”  Bernadette looks increasingly uncomfortable, saying sheepishly, “I’m running out of ways to act excited.”

When Amy tactfully turns the conversation back to Bernadette and her baby, Sheldon’s antics escalate.  He tells Bernadette, “Yeah, I have to say, it is nice to share this experience with someone who’s on the same journey.  Although right now ours is testing off the charts while yours is floating around in its own waste.”  To which an outraged Bernadette demands, “Are you actually comparing my human baby to your brain in a bowl?”

The ensuing debate features facts about fetal development, perhaps common knowledge to some Pro-Lifers but new territory for many of the shows viewers.  Bernadette notes that her “baby has functioning organs and can recognize voices” and already has “a fully developed immune system.”  What?  A preborn baby isn’t merely a clump of cells?  That’s not something you’re likely to hear on most primetime shows.

In episodes earlier this year, the writers of “The Big Bang Theory” featured other Pro-Life segments.  In April, the show depicted Bernadette and her husband, Howard, listening to their baby’s heartbeat.  Their friend Raj states matter-of-factly, “You guys made a person.”  Acknowledging a preborn baby as a person flies in the face of decades of abortion indoctrination.

Then again, in October, Howard is shocked to discover that “there’s a baby in there” when he feels his preborn child kicking Bernadette’s pregnant belly.  Howard says that he never connected the idea of Bernadette’s pregnancy with having an actual baby.  To which Bernadette humorously responds, “Which M.I.T. did you go to?”

With so many shows following the wishes of Planned Parenthood and distorting images of pregnancy and preborn babies, we shouldn’t be surprised that M.I.T. educated scientists forget where babies come from.  And that those babies are real, live people!  We hope more shows will join “The Big Bang Theory” in acknowledging the preborn.

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