Statewide Builders of a Pro-Life Texas

Daleiden describes undercover investigation, highlights importance of activism at Celebration of Life


Pro-Life hero David Daleiden spoke to a crowd of one thousand attendees at Texas Right to Life’s 19th Annual Celebration of Life on Saturday.  The event, held at the Hilton Americas – Houston hotel, drew supporters from around the state enthusiastic to support the work of Texas Right to Life and hear the profound message of keynote speaker and Center for Medical Progress leader, David Daleiden.

Daleiden said that the illicit trafficking and sale of preborn children by the abortion industry, which his organization laid bare, should be “the tip of the spear in the debate about abortion.”  Indeed, the issue has drawn attention of national media and both state and federal government entities.  Since Daleiden’s group exposed the long-held secret about baby body parts trafficking in the United States, Planned Parenthood’s public image has been irreparably marred.  The abortion business was even abandoned by their former bedfellow, tissue procurement (middleman) organization Stem Express.  One thing is certain: Daleiden’s work has maimed the abortion behemoth.

During his address, Daleiden shared a video recapping some of the most insidious comments and gestures made by Planned Parenthood employees uncovered during his Human Capital project.  In exchanges in board rooms, pathology labs, and even over meals, PP abortionists issued a unanimous sentiment: profit from the sale of aborted children is welcome.  And the highest bidder will win.

In Houston – a city which has been a source of persecution for Daleiden and his investigative colleague, Sandra Merritt – Daleiden came face-to-face with the chilling brutality that occurs inside of Planned Parenthood abortion mills.  He was invited into the business’s holy of holies: the “POC lab.”

“Products of conception,” or “POCs,” is the cold term Planned Parenthood uses to dissociate themselves from the children savagely dismembered in their facilities.  David was taken into the POC lab at Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast – the enormous abortion mill next to the University of Houston – where workers pulled a fully formed, freshly aborted child from the freezer.  They dumped his mangled body parts into a Pyrex dish in order to demonstrate to David the quality and salability of their “products.”

As an arm was lifted out of the dish – joints, fingers, and fingernails could be seen, all perfectly formed.  The arm had been severed from the live child’s body in utero when, just hours earlier, a Planned Parenthood abortionist had inserted forceps into the dilated cervix of a pregnant mother, all the way into her uterus, grasped the baby’s arm, clamped the forceps’ teeth, and pulled mightily until the arm came off.  The baby died of exsanguination in the process of having his limbs and organs ravaged, one by one.  Many babies die in this horrific manner in Planned Parenthood abortion mills across the country every day.

Somber silence overtook the room as David revealed that that dismembered baby boy, if he had been spared the death sentence he endured at Planned Parenthood, would have just turned one year old.

Texas Right to Life’s foremost legislative priority for the 85th Session of the Texas Legislature, which will begin in January, is the Dismemberment Abortion Ban.  Banning dismemberment abortion is a measure most Americans – including those who self-identify as “pro-choice” – support.  Dismemberment abortion is only cheered by the profit-driven radicals of the abortion industry.  We will not continue stand by as thousands of Texans experience the horrific brutality and unimaginable pain of this barbaric abortion method.

Thank you, David and Sandra, for your unflinching bravery in the face of the abortion industry.  Your contribution has already yielded a shift in public opinion, and we know your work will continue to bear fruit for years to come.  We are honored to stand with you in the fight for LIFE.

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