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Congress votes to protect taxpayers from funding abortion

House Resolution 7, the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act, sponsored by Reps. Chris Smith (R-NJ) and Dan Lipinski (D-Il.), will establish a permanent, government-wide policy against federal funding of abortion.  This legislation is urgently needed because the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) authorized massive federal subsidies for health plans that will pay for abortion on demand. 
Currently there is a patchwork of various Pro-Life federal laws and rules that prohibit the use of taxpayer dollars in specific programs and funding streams from paying for elective abortions.  Today, these current restrictions are not sufficient to stop all taxpayer funding of abortion and abortion providers.  Right now, the most dangerous and sizable loophole is in Obamacare that will force taxpayers to fund elective abortion coverage. 
Below is the Texas Congressional Delegation indicating those who voted in favor of the legislation.  Please call or email your Congressman and thank them for voting to keep taxpayer dollars from funding abortion and the abortion industry. 
Member District    Party 

H.R. 7 Vote

Office #  Email Link
Louie Gohmert 1 R 202.225.3035
Ted Poe 2 R 202.225.6565
Sam Johnson 3 R 202.225.4201
Ralph Hall 4 R 202.225.6673
Jeb Hensarling 5 R 202.225.3484
Joe Barton 6 R 202.225.2002
John Culberson 7 R 202.225.2571
Kevin Brady 8 R 202.225.4901
Al Green 9 D X 202.225.7508
Michael McCaul 10 R 202.225.2401
Mike Conaway 11 R 202.225.3605
Kay Granger 12 R 202.225.5071
Mac Thornberry 13 R 202.225.3706
Randy Weber 14 R 202.225.2831
Ruben Hinojosa 15 D NV 202.225.2531
Robert O'Rourke 16 D X 202.225.4831
Bill Flores 17 R 202.225.6105,58
Sheila Jackson Lee 18 D X 202.225.3816
Randy Neugebauer 19 R 202.225.4005
Joaquin Castro 20 D X 202.225.3236
Lamar Smith 21 R 202.225.4236
Pete Olson 22 R 202.225.5951
Pete Gallego 23 R X 202.225.4511
Kenny Marchant 24 R 202.225.6605
Roger Williams 25 D 202.225.4865
Michael Burgess 26 R 202.225.7772
Blake Farenthold 27 R 202.225.7742
Henry Cuellar 28 D 202.225.1640
Gene Green 29 D X 202.225.1688
Eddie Bernice Johnson 30 D X 202.225.8885,85
John Carter 31 R 202.225.3864
Pete Sessions 32 R 202.225.2231
Marc Veasey 33 D X 202.225.9897
Filemon Vela 34 D X 202.225.9901
Lloyd Doggett 35 D X 202.225.4865
Steve Stockman 36 R 202.225.1555

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