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Carolyn Jones miraculously still alive 48 hours after plug pulled against family’s will!


Hell hath no fury like a Texas woman.  Beaumont woman turned victim of the 10-Day Rule is still defiantly fighting for her life after a death panel pulled the plug against her family’s will.

Carolyn Jones was originally “scheduled” to die on Monday when the hospital used the abominable 10-Day Rule to shut down her ventilator at 2 p.m., but Carolyn and God had a different plan.

The following video was filmed approximately six hours after her breathing assistance was seized.

When forcing her off the ventilator didn’t work (didn’t kill her), hospital administrators withheld dialysis on Tuesday from the conscious woman.  (Carolyn was undergoing dialysis even before her hospitalization.)

As of 2:00 p.m. Wednesday, May 15, Carolyn is still determined to stay alive!

Yet just as miraculous as Carolyn’s stunning survival, our legal team (who represents Carolyn pro bono) found a new facility to finally transfer the vulnerable woman.

Texas Right to Life has pledged to cover Carolyn’s initial expenses associated with transferring her.  

But we must pledge payment upfront for the new facility.

We must raise $50,000 in the next 60 hours to rescue Carolyn Jones from the death panel and prevent this from happening to any other Texas family.

Your gift today covers:

  • The cost of Carolyn’s transfer;
  • Her first weeks of care at the new facility; and
  • The patient’s legal defense.  

Any funds raised over the needed amount will be dedicated to helping other patients like Carolyn through the Texas Right to Life Family Assistance Fund, a part of the 501c3 Educational Fund.

Time is running short.  Carolyn desperately needs dialysis.  We must move her to the new facility ASAP.

Will you rescue Carolyn from the horrible 10-Day Rule?  Please give now.

Vulnerable patients need your help to survive the deadly 10-Day Rule.  They may have no fighting chance without you.  Give today to the Texas Right to Life Family Assistance Fund to protect patients from death panels.


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