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Carly Fiorina unfazed when confronted by Planned Parenthood activist


Recently, Carly Fiorina and her supporters came face-to-face with the anti-Life ire that fuels Planned Parenthood cheerleaders.  The GOP presidential candidate, who soared in the polls after handily winning the most recent presidential debate hosted by CNN, poses a severe threat to the image of Planned Parenthood.  While other presidential candidates have pushed damning videos by the Center for Medical Progress to the backburner in order to focus on other campaign issues, Fiorina remains possibly the most outspoken public figure – politician or non – keeping the American public cognizant of the abhorrent activities for which Planned Parenthood is currently under investigation.  

Fiorina coolly handles the insults and continues to speak the truth of the matter, no matter how uncomfortable the truth makes Planned Parenthood and their supporters.  Confronted by one Planned Parenthood supporter at a rally, Fiorina doesn’t miss a beat:

Fiorina turns the tables on the Planned Parenthood supporter who accuses her of not supporting women’s health issues:  “You need to ask yourself some questions,” Fiorina says.  “Why is it that fetuses are aborted alive to butcher their brains?  Why?  You ought to also ask – you ought look at the facts: how much money is Planned Parenthood giving to Democrat candidates?”

These questions are poignant and timely.  In fact, we know that the abortion industry does commit born-alive abortions, aka infanticide, as confirmed this week by the Center for Bioethical Reform (warning: extremely graphic content).  As to Fiorina’s point about Planned Parenthood’s heavy-handed funding of Democratic candidates, Hillary Clinton’s ranking as the third-highest funded politician by Planned Parenthood should come as no surprise. 

Fiorina’s message may not be of the feel-good variety, but her statements are truthful.  And that is a breath of fresh air in the political arena. 

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