Calling all Pro-Lifers!

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Gov. Rick Perry called a special session of the Texas Legislature starting next week to pass Pro-Life legislation that will save thousands of lives.

But the billion-dollar abortion industry will not go down without a vicious fight. Right now, they are assembling their minions to descend on the Texas Capitol next week in an effort to, once again, undemocratically disrupt, if not entirely halt, the passage of Pro-Life legislation.

That's why we need every Pro-Lifer to show up on Tuesday to protect women and Life and our democracy!  Be a summer missionary for LIFE!

At every turn, the abortion industry leaves a trail of destruction and are well-financed to stop us. But we can fight them back with thousands of Pro-Life voices!

Give your voice to the voiceless who are slaughtered every day in the womb and to the women whose lives are destroyed by the lies of abortion.

We need every Pro-Lifer to join us and make a stand for women and Life.


If you've never attended a Pro-Life event, make this your first one!  Bring your family, friends, and your entire church!

Come to the Texas Capitol in Austin on Tuesday, July 2nd. We want Pro-Lifers to show that the majority of Texans are Pro-Life!

A committee hearing could be scheduled for after 2pm.  If you attend the hearing(s) that may be scheduled on Tuesday, please prepare a three-minute testimony explaining how abortion has hurt you or someone you love. Or you can register at the Capitol kiosk in support of House Bill 2 without testifying.

Be prepared for a long day and night; and bring snacks and beverages.  (You'll need to step out of meeting rooms to eat and drink and to take phone calls.) 

Wear a Baby Blue shirt!

If we don't fight for the voiceless, who will?

If you have any questions, please contact Melissa Conway at or call her at 832-724-6634.

Yours for Life,

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