Burpees for students

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Pushing yourself the extra mile in exercise is beneficial to your body and mind.  Exercise can also be used to benefit others!

Exercising for Life is exactly what the Texas Right to Life staff emphasizes during the Education Burpee Challenge.  Our Development Director, Elizabeth McClung, has pledged to do 1 burpee for every $5 given to the Texas Right to Life Educational Fund until the end of the training for Dr. Joseph Graham Fellows.

A burpee??  Yes.  A burpee.  This full body exercise is used in both strength training and aerobic exercise.  Burpees combine a squat with a plank with a pushup with a jump.  Originally invented as an exercise movement for the military, burpees are a brutal exercise.

Our Development Director’s exercise will benefit none other than the group of courageous young men and women who work every single semester to build the Culture of Life on their college campuses across Texas.  Fellows in the Dr. Joseph Graham Fellowship participate in a minimum of 50 hours of campus activism to spread, boldly and lovingly, the truth of the dignity of human Life to their peers, their faculty, and their communities.

Each summer the Dr. Joseph Graham Fellows travel to our headquarters in Houston for an intensive week of preparation.  They receive training in leadership skills, organizational development, Pro-Life apologetics, fetal development, case history in state and federal law, the history of the abortion industry, end-of-life issues, and more.  After returning to their campuses, these students actively use skills and tools they received at their training to defend innocent Life.

The burpee challenge will be complete with Elizabeth executing all the burpees on Friday May 26 during the Dr. Joseph Graham Fellowship training.

Donate to the Texas Right to Life Educational Fund TODAY and ensure Elizabeth has to do more than the 740 burpees she did last year in honor of these young Pro-Life leaders.

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