Bobcats for Life at Texas State University supports mothers in need

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The group Bobcats for Life is working hard this summer to prepare for an exciting fall semester full of firsts. The students and staff of Texas State University are in for a surprise.

Long established and reactivated in 2009, Bobcats for Life has been working tirelessly to promote a Culture of Life on their campus, with a growing emphasis to meet the needs of single mothers working to continue their college education.  Many college students faced with an unplanned pregnancy often feel pressured to undergo an abortion, believing that having a baby would only prevent or delay their educational goals. Bobcats for Life, however, wants students on their college campus to know that even in an anti-Life climate, there are alternatives to abortion and that pregnancy-friendly resources do exist within their community.  “With each semester, Bobcats for Life has been meeting and connecting with single mothers on our campus,” states the group’s president and Dr. Joseph Graham Fellow Naomi Wick. “Because Bobcats for Life wants to do everything in our power to support single mothers on our campus to continue their education, we have partnered with our local pregnancy resource center (PRC) and Students for Life of America (SFLA) to ensure that the needs of college mothers are being met.”  In the past, Bobcats for Life along and their local pregnancy resource center hosted a baby shower to celebrate both new mother and baby with essential items, and of course, lots of love and emotional support. Just last year, during the Christmas season and through the PRC, Bobcats for Life hosted an Adopt a Family event in which the students were able to provide a local family with a dreamlike Christmas experience through gift giving.

In line with building the Culture of Life on their university campus, Bobcats for Life is hosting the first ever Cemetery of the Innocents display in one of the busiest areas of the Texas State University campus.  The daylong event, scheduled for Thursday, November 8, 2018, is set to memorialize all the pre-born lives that have been lost to abortion each day since the implementation of Roe v. Wade in 1973.  Although the much anticipated event is expected to cause a stir on a campus with a strong presence of abortion advocates, the purpose of the event is to create an awareness of the assault on our basic human rights.  The event provides an opportunity to educate students on the repercussions of abortion, and to connect students on campus who are considering abortion or who are post-abortive to resources within their community. Naomi Wick states, “We want our presence to be known and bring attention to a cause we are passionate about.  The Cemetery of the Innocents display is just another way we can reach students all across our campus and create an open dialogue.”

For more detailed information on the November 8th event and to support Bobcats for Life in their mission, please visit and follow them on Twitter and Instagram @bobcatsforlife.

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