Statewide Builders of a Pro-Life Texas

Announcing commentary and voting record for 2017 Pro-Life Scorecard


We released the Pro-Life Scorecard last week for the 85th Session of the Texas Legislature.  Today, we debut detailed reports and commentary on how each legislator voted on key Pro-Life motions.  The comprehensive breakdown of the score unveils specific votes, procedural sabotage, and public expressions of support or opposition that voters and grassroots activists may otherwise not know.

This year, Texas Right to Life has added a commentary section to many legislators’ scorecards to tell the whole story and provide needed context for the record of the elected official’s public votes.

Every Pro-Life voter in Texas should know how his or her legislators voted and what they did to advance or impede the Culture of Life in Texas.  Many legislators have a strong voting record on protecting some preborn children, but abandon Pro-Life convictions for babies with disabilities.  Other legislators make a point to vote “the right way” in the public eye but actively thwart or stall life-saving Pro-Life bills behind the scenes, killing them before they ever reach the floor for a vote.

Texas Right to Life has the largest and most effective full-time lobbying staff at the state Capitol of any Pro-Life organization.  Therefore, our Legislative team witnessed the real heroes and disappointments of the session who led and subverted reforms like the Dismemberment Abortion Ban, Patient Consent for Do-Not-Resuscitate (DNR) Orders, and Pro-Life Health Insurance Reform.

We encourage voters to examine elected officials’ records on the Pro-Life Scorecard, print them, and take them to town hall meetings and campaign events.  Ensure that your representative’s and senator’s political rhetoric matches their actual voting records from the regular and special sessions this year.

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