Statewide Builders of a Pro-Life Texas

After losing her bid for the presidency, Hillary Clinton named “Champion of the Century” by Planned Parenthood for her decades of abortion activism


Former-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s radical commitment to abortion is once again on display.  Planned Parenthood, America’s largest abortion business, issued a press release earlier this month announcing an upcoming award for the favorite former-candidate.  As part of Planned Parenthood’s celebration of 100 years—a century of eugenics and abortion—the abortion organization is naming Clinton the “Champion of the Century.”

What is a “Champion of the Century” in Planned Parenthood’s estimation?  Predictably, a business committed to ending the lives of more than 320,000 preborn babies in abortion each year (and selling their body parts for profit) is concerned solely with an anti-Life agenda.  Clinton is receiving the award “for her 40 years of service to women and girls in this country,” by which Planned Parenthood organizers mean Clinton spent four decades sending fungible tax dollars to Planned Parenthood and supporting an extreme anti-Life platform.

Ironically, Planned Parenthood’s avid support for Clinton and her anti-Life agenda may have contributed to her defeat in the November election.  Voters have clearly shown time and again that they will not support a candidate with an extreme anti-Life position.  Clinton is about as radical as they come.  Among her anti-Life views, Clinton supports abortion through all nine months of pregnancy; she wants to expand taxpayer funded abortion; and she refuses to condemn the gruesome practice of partial-birth abortion.  While these anti-Life positions win bogus awards like “Champion of the Century” from Planned Parenthood, they also lose elections.

Another reason for the “Champion” award might be Planned Parenthood’s effort to recoup the more than $30 million sunk into Clinton’s failed presidential bid.  Publicity stunts like the upcoming gala at which Clinton will receive her award are a major fundraising opportunity for Planned Parenthood.

Clinton isn’t the only woman slated to receive an award at the gala in May.  Television producer Shonda Rhimes will be receiving the so-called “Champion of Change Award” for her work to push abortion propaganda in primetime television.  Most memorably, Rhimes’ show “Scandal” featured a shocking scene showing an abortion set to the Christmas song “Silent Night.”  Rhimes also joined Planned Parenthood’s national board this month.

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