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After-hours call saves mother and preborn daughter from abortion


At 7:00 on a Thursday evening, two Texas Right to Life staff members still worked away in our Houston headquarters when the phone rang.  Usually, after-hour phone calls are replete with salesmen trying to pitch the next greatest printer toners or a product survey.  Thus, our staff normally allows late-evening calls to advance to the answering machine.  But the Holy Spirit moved.

External Relations Associate Kim Schwartz yearned to leave the office for a while, but was busy preparing her workload for her summer vacation the following week.  Political Director Luke Bowen stayed behind to ensure Kim wasn’t left alone in the office.

Then the phone rang.  Kim felt moved to answer the phone, and on the other end she found a matter of Life and death.

A woman named Megan* had been to an abortion clinic earlier in the day.  She was 18-weeks pregnant and had begun the abortion process.  But then, Megan was convicted to choose Life for her preborn baby and was desperately seeking help, worried her change of heart arrived too late.  After calling a few numbers, she found Texas Right to Life.

At 18-weeks’ gestation, killing an unborn child through abortion is a three-day process.  The abortionist had already begun dilating Megan’s cervix, and Megan wanted to halt that process.  After Kim talked with Megan and took down her number, Luke called Texas Right to Life General Counsel, Emily Cook.

Texas Right to Life’s mission of building a Pro-Life Texas is accomplished in part by networking with Pro-Life lawyers and doctors who can help save a life in instances just like this.  After talking with Megan and making a few calls, Emily Cook connected Megan with a Pro-Life OB/GYN in Houston.  This fearless, caring physician was walking into her family’s Rosary time, but promptly counseled Megan to go to an ER and advised Megan on what to say to the ER staff.

In the meantime, Texas Right to Life staff members were sending a flurry of text messages to supporters and other Pro-Life activists, clothing Megan and her preborn child in prayer.  Miraculously, Megan arrived at an area hospital where God placed into her path compassionate medical professionals who immediately stopped the process of dilation, a process that was intended to initiate the end of the life of Megan’s unborn child.  On the ultrasound, the baby looked healthy.

Following Megan’s life-saving trip to the ER, she called Texas Right to Life to let us know the miraculous result.  Not only was this young life saved, but doctors gave her more welcome news: Her baby was a girl!  What a joyous time!

A local Pro-Life OB/GYN has connected with Megan and will begin prenatal care for her precious child.

This baby girl and her momma were saved because of you.  Due to your partnership with Texas Right to Life, staff were on hand at 7:00 p.m. to answer the call.  Due to your partnership, Texas Right to Life cultivated relationships with Pro-Life professionals to meet the need of this mom and save a Life.  Your prayers petitioned the Holy Spirit to intervene and save two vulnerable souls.

God was faithful, as He always is, in the protection of His children.  We may not always know the end result of our work.  God’s answer to our prayers might not be the one we originally sought.  But we are called to act, and trust God to take care of the rest.

Will you act?  Will you partner with Texas Right to Life once again by donating to this Life-saving work?  Many such stories may happen without us ever being invited in to participate and hear the result.  But we work to build a Pro-Life culture to be ready to intercede in any woman’s moment of need or desperation.  We ask and welcome you to be part of this mission.  Stand in the gap with us.

* Name changed to protect privacy

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