Abortion activists try to burn down Mexico City cathedral

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Abortion activists in Mexico demanding the legalization of killing the preborn attempted to set fire to the Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral.  According to the Catholic News Agency, Catholics converged in front of the cathedral to protect the building from further arson attempts.  Firefighters’ rapid response ensured that the fires did not spread, and prevented the abortion mob from further attempts to burn down the cathedral.

The violence erupted as part of a September 28 protest calling for the legalization of elective abortion.  According to tweets from Mexican news station Capital 21, the abortion mob also started a fire at the chamber of commerce building and vandalized monuments and buildings around Mexico City.

According to Live Action, the protest attracted more than 1,000 abortion activists.  Elective abortion is legal in Mexico City up to 12 weeks of pregnancy, and the state of Oaxaca recently legalized elective abortion up to 12 weeks as well.  Mexico is currently considering legislation that would legalize killing the preborn up to 12 weeks throughout Mexico.

The archbishop of Mexico City responded to the abortion mob’s violence in a statement on the day of the fires.  A translation of the statement read in part, “I greet and recognize all the people who united today to pray, and to care for the churches in the center of Mexico City, as well as to assert the right to manifestation in freedom and in peace.”  According to reports, the Catholics who gathered to defend the cathedral and block arsonists from entering the building to set more fires were instrumental in protecting the church.

The abortion mob’s violence in Mexico City comes as no surprise to Texas Pro-Lifers.  Texas has led the way on crafting key Pro-Life legislation advancing the cause of Life by eroding the untenable foundation of the tragic Roe v. Wade decision that legalized elective abortion in all 50 states.  On the frontlines of the fight for Life, Texas Pro-Lifers have witnessed the ferocity and depravity of the abortion mob.  A group advocating for the violent dismemberment and destruction of living preborn human beings is not bound by decency and civility. 

When Texas took a decisive step forward by protecting pain-capable preborn babies from the violence of abortion, abortion activists were bused in carrying jars of feces, paint, and glitter to disrupt legislative proceedings.  The protests in Texas culminated with chanting that delayed the final vote to protect innocent human lives in our state.  Only through the heroic efforts of Pro-Life legislators were we finally able to pass the life-saving law.

During the protests in the Texas Capitol, abortion activists were heard chanting “Hail Satan,” and, indeed, the Satanic Temple is a strong supporter of anti-Life efforts in Texas and throughout the nation.  One commenter at the time wrote, “Among hard-core activists, though, there are no doubt more than just a few who feel comfortable with invoking Satan’s name on behalf of their cause.”

The experience of Pro-Life Texans in the face of the abortion mob shows just how far abortion activists will go to demand legal killing of the preborn.  We should not be surprised, then, by the horrific attempt to burn down the cathedral in Mexico City. The issue of abortion is not one of preference or personal choice; this is a matter of Life and death, good and evil.  To argue for the destruction of a child with a beating heart goes against human decency and justice. Is there any wonder that violence has again erupted at the hands of those calling for legal abortion?

Abortion brings violence to the lives of all the people involved.  The vandalism and attempted arson in Mexico is but the latest example of how far the abortion mob will go to demand violence in the name of law.

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