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4 patients YOU saved during the COVID-19 outbreak


Let me introduce you to four patients YOU SAVED during the coronavirus outbreak!

*Joseph – An Austin hospital forced an unwanted Do-Not-Resuscitate (DNR) Order on him in March. After Texas Right to Life patient advocates helped his wife, *Jenny, remove the DNR, Joseph beat COVID-19, and he returned home with his wife!

*Jada – The 30-year-old mother of two nearly became a victim of the 10-Day Rule just days before Mother’s Day, but thankfully her family called Texas Right to Life. We helped transfer the patient, and her health has improved since then!

*Celeste – Celeste’s family called a dozen groups for help last week when they received a letter about withdrawing life-sustaining treatment against their will. Texas Right to Life was the only one that answered. The hospital backed down from the 10-day countdown on Friday!

Lucy – Lucy’s daughter, Huyen, called Texas Right to Life in a panic when doctors informed her of their intent to pull the plug on her mother against her will. We went to the hospital committee meeting with her, convinced the hospital not to start the 10-day countdown, and she soon moved to another facility that honors her wishes.

*Names changed to protect patient privacy.

Patients depend on YOU every day. Thank you!

Still, we have to stay vigilant. Last week alone we received calls from FIVE families whose hospitals threatened to deny their loved one life-sustaining treatment.

You’ve seen what your financial support can do. Joseph, Lucy, Jada, and Celeste are all alive today thanks to you!

Will you donate right now to protect the growing number of patients who need your help? 

Imagine how hurt and afraid these families must have felt thinking they’d have to fight for their loved one alone. Imagine what would have happened if you weren’t there to help.

This fight is not finished.

Give now to rescue more patients in need!

You are a hero to Joseph, Lucy, Jada, Celeste, and many more. Thank you for your prayers and your voice for Life. 

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