2014 Primary Voter Guide


As the largest Pro-Life political action committee in the state, all candidates seeking the endorsement of the Texas Right to Life PAC are required to undergo a rigorous screening process that includes personal interview(s) with our board for a thorough vetting of issues, moral character, and depth of commitment to the cause.

Texas Right to Life PAC will only endorse candidates who share our legislative strategy and our goals in protecting the sanctity of innocent human life.

Statewide Endorsements: To download a printable version, click here.

US Senator   Comptroller   Texas House cont. Texas House cont.
  John Cornyn*     Glenn Hegar   7 David Simpson* 84 John Frullo*
            9 Chris Paddie* 85 Phil Stephenson*
US Representative   Agriculture Commissioner   12 Kyle Kacal* 86 John Smithee*
1 Louie Gohmert*     Sid Miller   15 Mark Keough 87 Four Price*
2 Ted Poe*         16 Ted Seago 89 Jodie Laubenberg*
3 Sam Johnson*   Railroad Commissioner   17 Tim Kleinschmidt* 91 Stephanie Klick*
4 Ralph Hall*   Pl 2 Malachi Boyuls   18 John Otto* 92 Jonathan Stickland*
5 Jeb Hensarling*   Pl 2 Wayne Christian   19 James White* 93 Matt Krause*
6 Joe Barton*         21 Dade Phelan 94 Tony Tinderholt
7 John Culberson*   Supreme Court of Texas   23 Wayne Faircloth 96 Bill Zedler*
8 Kevin Brady*   Pl 1 Nathan Hecht*   24 Greg Bonnen* 97 Craig Goldman*
10 Michael McCaul*   Pl 6 Jeff Brown*   25 Dennis Bonnen* 98 Giovanni Capriglione*
11 Mike Conaway*   Pl 7 Jeffrey Boyd*   26 Rick Miller* 105 Linda Harper-Brown*
13 Mac Thornberry*   Pl 8 Phil Johnson*   29 Ed Thompson*  106 Pat Fallon*
14 Randy Weber*         32 Todd Hunter* 107 Kenneth Sheets*
17 Bill Flores*   State Board of Education   33 Scott Turner* 108 Court Alley
19 Randy Neugebauer*   7 David Bradley   44 John Kuempel* 108 Morgan Meyer
21 Lamar Smith*         45 Jason Isaac* 112 Angie Chen Button*
22 Pete Olson*   Texas Senate   47 Paul Workman* 113 Cindy Burkett*
23 Quico Canseco   2 Bob Hall   53 Karen Harris 115 Matt Rinaldi
24 Kenny Marchant*   4 Steve Toth   55 Molly White 117 John Garza
25 Roger Williams*     (Special Election May 10)   56 Charles “Doc” Anderson* 122 Lyle Larson*
26 Michael Burgess*   7 Paul Bettencourt   59 Danny Pelton 128 Wayne Smith*
27 Blake Farenthold*   8 Van Taylor   61 Phil King* 130 Allen Fletcher*
31 John Carter*   9 Kelly Hancock   62 Larry Phillips* 132 Mike Schofield
32 Pete Sessions*   10 Konni Burton   63 Tan Parker* 133 Jim Murphy*
35 Susan Narvaiz   16 Don Huffines   64 Read King 134 Bonnie Parker
      31 Mike Canon   65 Ron Simmons* 135 Gary Elkins*
Governor         66 Matt Shaheen 138 Dwayne Bohac*
  Greg Abbott   Texas House   67 Jeff Leach*    
      1 George Lavender*   68 Drew Springer*    
Lieutenant Governor   2 Dan Flynn*   69 James Frank*    
  David Dewhurst*   3 Cecil Bell, Jr.*   70 Scott Sanford*   “*” indicates incumbent
      4 Lance Gooden*   71 Isaac Castro   Italics indicate a dual
Attorney General   5 Bryan Hughes*   83 Charles Perry*   endorsement has been 
  Ken Paxton   6 Matt Schaefer*         made in the race
  Barry Smitherman                
Click here to download the Collin County Voter Guide.
Click here to download the Dallas County Voter Guide.
Click here to download the Harris County Voter Guide
Click here to download the Tarrant County Voter Guide
Harris County Endorsements Upshur County Endorsements
Justice 1st Court of Appeals Place 3 County Commissioner
Russell Lloyd Cole Hefner*
Justice 14th Court of Appeals Place 7  
Ken Wise*  
District Judge, 274th Judicial District  
John Schmude  
County Judge  
Ed Emmett*  
County Civil Court at Law No. 1  
Debra Ibarra Mayfield*  
County Commissioner Pct. 4  
R. Jack Cagle*  
Harris Co. Republican Chairman  
Jared Woodfill*  
Texas Right to Life’s Political Action Committee (PAC) endorses and supports candidates for public office who are committed to protecting the sanctity of innocent human life from fertilization until natural death.  Each endorsee completes an issue questionnaire to assess his or her position and his or her grasp of the myriad Life issues, including but not limited to personhood of human embryos, stem cell research, abortion, defunding the abortion industry, patient rights, denial of medical treatment, and government-sponsored health care rationing.  If a questionnaire is completed satisfactorily and returned, a personal interview is scheduled with each candidate and our PAC board. 
Our PAC does not take lightly our responsibility to the candidates, the voters, and the members of Texas Right to Life.  Thus, our endorsees have undergone a thorough and rigorous vetting process to ensure that they share the mission, goals, and legislative strategy of Texas Right to Life. 
Some candidates were unable to find a time to meet with our PAC Board at one of the seven interview days held across Texas. There may be additional candidates or incumbents who share our Pro-Life convictions but have not undergone our endorsement process, and therefore, they are ineligible to be listed in our voter guide.  Additionally, Pro-Life incumbents and candidates who are running unopposed may not be listed.  

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