Congrats to our graduating Fellows!

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Texas Right to Life is proud of the 12 Dr. Joseph Graham Fellows graduating in the next few weeks.  Each of them has given countless hours to on-campus Pro-Life groups and will be missed.  Please join us in praying for these students and their future endeavors.


 Alyssa White is graduating from the University of St. Thomas with a degree         in psychology.  During her term as president in 2015-2016, she led Celts for Life in     planning a fundraising gala, took a group of 40 students to the March for Life in DC, and   more.



Amy Federer is graduating from the University of Dallas with a bachelor’s in business with a minor in ethics.  Amy served as president of Crusaders for Life during her senior year and helped to bring in several new speakers for the club, such as Pro-Life Whip of the Texas House of Representatives, Rep. Matt Rinaldi.  During the summer of 2017, Amy also worked as a Development intern in Texas Right to Life’s Houston headquarters.



 Anna Spallino is graduating from Baylor University with her degree in   communication sciences and disorders.  Anna has led the Bears for Life group as   president for multiple years, planned Pregnant on Campus initiatives, and facilitated 40   Days for Life efforts. 



Anthony Doak is graduating from Texas A&M University with a civil engineering degree.  He has filled multiple roles within the officer team of Pro-Life Aggies, most recently as the public relations officer.  Anthony helped plan the annual 5K for hundreds of people, which funds the Pregnant and Parenting Student Scholarship.



 Frances Hodapp is graduating from Texas A&M University with a degree in   nursing.  As the meetings coordinator, Frances was responsible for bringing Pro-Life   speakers to campus.  She educated Pro-Life Aggies by bringing Rep. Matt Rinaldi, Dr. John   Tyler, New Wave Feminists, post abortive speakers, and more!


Fritzina Morrison is graduating from Texas State University with a bachelor’s of science in biochemistry, Magna Cum Laude.  She served as president of Bobcats for Life in the 2015-2016 school year.  Since then, Fritzina has served the club as the vice president, and has coordinated most of the club’s tabling outreach efforts on campus.  Following graduation, Fritzina will take time off to prepare and study for the MCAT and to consider whether her future lies in medicine or dentistry.



 Isabel Sutter is graduating from the University of St. Thomas with an English degree, and then preparing for grad school.  Isabel has been instrumental in helping the group raise funds for their mission, as well as planning their gala, and running   educational tabling efforts.



Joseph Aglialoro is graduating from the University of Dallas with a bachelor’s degree in business.  He has served diligently on the Crusaders for Life officer team for three years and aided the club in expanding Pro-Life outreach to a nearby community college, both to reach more people with the Pro-Life message and also to assist the club members in Pro-Life dialogue training.  Joseph is in the job application process. 



 Kimberly Sanford is graduating from the University of St. Thomas with a degree in early childhood education.  Kim instituted the annual Dr. Joseph Graham Lecture at UST, beginning in 2017, with former abortionist turned Pro-Life OB/GYN Dr. Anthony Levatino. 



Megan Martinez is graduating from Texas State University with a degree in public relations.  She has served the school’s Pro-Life club, Bobcats for Life, in numerous capacities, including as president for the past two years.  Megan was diligent about dispelling Pro-Life stereotypes and brought in speakers from various backgrounds to display that protecting Life is a mission for everyone.


 Ryan Buckingham is graduating from the University of Texas – Arlington with a degree in mechanical engineering.  He served as the president of Pro-Life Mavericks   for  two years and implemented an ultimate Frisbee tournament to benefit the club’s Pregnant and Parenting Student Scholarship.  Following graduation, Ryan will teach algebra at an elementary school in Honduras before returning to Texas in the fall to find a job in the aerospace industry.


Teresa Roach is graduating from the University of Dallas with a bachelor’s in elementary education.  She served as the president of Crusaders for Life during the 2016-2017 school year and has continued to serve as an officer in the club this year.  Prior to her graduation, Teresa has been instrumental in strengthening and restructuring the club’s constitution to help the club run even more effectively.  Teresa has accepted a first grade teaching position at Founders Classical Academy in Flower Mound.

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