Map: Abortion Industry in Texas

Since the end of the 82nd Legislative Session in June -- during which Texas Right to Life successfully orchestrated a plan to snatch $64.2 million from the abortion industry in Texas -- a total of 12 Planned Parenthood centers have been closed forever. But, we are not celebrating yet.

The nation’s largest abortion committer, Planned Parenthood, is regrouping in hopes of recovering from the budget blows.

Planned Parenthood is growing more desperate and consolidating operations. For example, Planned Parenthood of North Texas shut down seven of its centers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in response to the legislature's budget actions. Texas Right to Life has now confirmed that Planned Parenthood of NETX started a $21.5 million capital campaign to raise money for a gleaming new abortion mega-center in Forth Worth -- one that will compete to be the largest abortion facility in the nation.

Nearly 100 abortion and abortion-referring "clinics" still cover the state of Texas. You can see in the interactive map how much work is left to do to protect women and their unborn children.