The Texas Legislature’s Anti-Life Proponents

by Sarah Crawford and Doug McGeeThursday, June 02, 2011

As the 82nd Texas Legislative Session comes to a close, it has become clear who the champions of Life are in the state of Texas, and who opposes the defense of the innocent.  Representatives Sid Miller, Bryan Hughes, Randy Weber, Wayne Christian, Charlie Howard, Jodie Laubenberg, Charles Perry, Bill Zedler, and many more, have been ardent defenders of Life.  While the Pro-Life super majority has been a blessing, there were a select few who would stop at nothing to squelch the advances for Life.  Most notably, Representative Jessica Farrar and Senator Wendy Davis were determined to stop all Pro-Life efforts.

Both the Representative and the Senator cast votes against Pro-Life bills that came to the chambers.  Their votes are consistent with their pro-abortion stances.  Since 2003 Farrar has held a 100% record by NARAL Pro-Choice America; since 2009 Davis has held that percentage as well.  Farrar has maintained a 0% rating from Texas Right to Life PAC for the last five sessions. 

Each congresswoman was vehemently opposed to the sonogram bill that requires abortionists to perform an ultrasound and allow the woman see the image of her child 24 hours prior to an abortion. 

Representative Farrar has received numerous awards from pro-abortion groups, including Planned Parenthood.  She has also received campaign funds from Planned Parenthood of Houston and Southeast Texas Action Fund and Annie’s List, Texas’s largest, progressive, political action committee working to elect pro-abortion women into public offices.  In 2008, contributions from Annie’s List amounted to $10,000.

Senator Davis also has a financial history with Annie’s List.  The organization has given her campaign $148,000 dollars since 2007.  Planned Parenthood has not given Davis any award yet, but they do continue to endorse her. 

Both Representative Farrar and Senator Davis lived up to their anti-Life endorsements during this session.