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Texas Right to Life PAC issues 2014 Primary Endorsements

by Texas Right to LifeMonday, April 07, 2014

As the largest Pro-Life political action committee in the state, all candidates seeking the endorsement of the Texas Right to Life PAC are required to undergo a rigorous screening process that includes personal interview(s) with our board for a thorough vetting of issues, moral character, and depth of commitment to the cause.

  US Representative     Texas Senate  
  4   Ralph Hall     2   Bob Hall  
  23   Quico Canseco   4   Steve Toth  
                (Special Election May 10)  
  Lt. Governor     10   Konni Burton  
      David Dewhurst          
            Texas House  
  Attorney General     16   Ted Seago  
      Ken Paxton     66   Matt Shaheen  
            108   Morgan Meyer  
  Railroad Commissioner    129   Sheryl Berg  
      Wayne Christian   129   Dennis Paul  
            132   Mike Schofield  
  Agriculture Commissioner        
      Sid Miller            


Texas Right to Life PAC will only endorse candidates who share our legislative strategy and our goals in protecting the sanctity of innocent human life.Texas Right to Life’s Political Action Committee (PAC) endorses and supports candidates for public office who are committed to protecting the sanctity of innocent human life from fertilization until natural death.  

Each endorsee completes an issue questionnaire to assess his or her position and his or her grasp of the myriad Life issues, including but not limited to personhood of human embryos, stem cell research, abortion, defunding the abortion industry, patient rights, denial of medical treatment, and government-sponsored health care rationing.  If a questionnaire is completed satisfactorily and returned, a personal interview is scheduled with each candidate and our PAC board. 

Our PAC does not take lightly our responsibility to the candidates, the voters, and the members of Texas Right to Life.  Thus, our endorsees have undergone a thorough and rigorous vetting process to ensure that they share the mission, goals, and legislative strategy of Texas Right to Life.